Package org.mentawai.core

Interface Summary
Action Describes a Mentawai action, the central idea of the framework architecture.
Configurable Give the actions a chance to configure itself inside the action class instead of having to configure the ApplicationManager for every action.
Consequence Defines a Mentawai consequence.
Context Describes the behavior of a Mentawai context.
Filter A filter intercepts an action so it can modify its input and output, before and after the action is executed.
GlobalFilterFree This interface is a market interface that an action can implement to avoid the execution of global filters on itself.
Input Defines the behavior of an action input.
Output Defines the behavior of an action output.
StickyAction An interface describing a sticky action, in other words, an action that can adhere to the session and persist its state.

Class Summary
ActionConfig An ActionConfig links together an action implementation, an action name or alias, action results and action consequences.
ApplicationContext Encapsulates a ServletContext as a context for Mentawai actions.
ApplicationManager The central abstract base manager which controls actions, filters, locales and data lists.
ApplicationManagerViewer Show application manager stats
BaseAction The abstract base implementation of a Mentawai action.
BshApplicationManager A ScriptApplicationManager that executes a BeanShell script file to configure itself.
Chain An action chaining consequence.
ClassActionConfig Deprecated.  
Controller The Mentawai central controller.
CookieContext A cookie management abstraction into a Mentawai context.
Forward A forward web consequence.
InputWrapper A wrapper for the action input.
InvocationChain When an action is executed, a chain of filters is created.
MapContext A simple Context that can be used for testing.
MapInput A simple Input that can be used for testing.
MapOutput A simple Output implementation backed up by a java.util.HashMap.
NullConsequence A consequence that does nothing.
PojoAction This is just an object that can hold up everything that makes up an action: input, output, session, etc.
ProtectedBaseAction This class exists solely for the purpose of hidding the protected variables of BaseAction.
Redirect A redirect consequence that has the following features: Paths starting with "//" are relative to the webserver root.
RequestInput Encapsulates a HttpServletRequest as an Input for Mentawai actions.
ResponseOutput A simple Output implementation backed up by a java.util.HashMap.
ScriptApplicationManager An ApplicationManager that runs a script in any language to configure itself.
SessionContext Encapsulates a HttpSession as a context for Mentawai actions.
SingleInstanceActionConfig Use this action config if you want your action to be a single instance for all requests, in other words, you don't want to create a new instance of your action for every request.
SingleInstanceBaseAction This is the base class for single instance actions, in other words, those actions that will be instantiated only once and shared among all requests.
StreamConsequence A web-based consequence that gets a ready-to-use input stream from the output of the action, get the contents from that input stream and flush them to the servlet output stream.
StringConsequence Returns a String as the result of an action.

Exception Summary
ActionException An exception that can happen when an action is executed.
ConsequenceException An exception that can happen when a consequence is executed.
DSLException A exception to be throw related to the execution of a script application manager.
FilterException An exception that can happen when a filter is executed.
InputException An exception than can happen when trying to access an action input parameter.

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