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Packages that use Context

Uses of Context in org.mentawai.action

Methods in org.mentawai.action with parameters of type Context
static java.util.List<java.lang.Object> BaseLoginAction.getUserGroups(Context session)
          Return the user authorization groups.
static java.util.Locale BaseLoginAction.getUserLocale(Context session)
          Return the user locale.
static java.lang.Object BaseLoginAction.getUserSession(Context session)
          Return the user session object.
static boolean BaseLoginAction.isLogged(Context session)
          Check if the user is logged.
static void BaseLoginAction.replaceUserSession(java.lang.Object newUser, Context session)
          Replace the user object from the session for this new one WITHOUT reseting the session.
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroup(Group group, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroup(int groupId, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroup(java.lang.String group, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(Context session, Group... groups)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(Context session, java.lang.String... groups)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(java.util.List groups, Context session)
          Place the user authorization groups in the session.
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(java.lang.String groups, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserLocale(java.util.Locale loc, Context session)
          Place the user locale in the session.
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserLocale(java.lang.String loc, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserSession(java.lang.Object value, Context session)
          Place an user object in the session.

Uses of Context in org.mentawai.authorization

Methods in org.mentawai.authorization with parameters of type Context
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroup(Group g, Context session)
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroup(int groupId, Context session)
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroup(java.lang.String group, Context session)
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroups(java.util.List groups, Context session)
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroups(java.lang.String groups, Context session)

Uses of Context in org.mentawai.core

Classes in org.mentawai.core that implement Context
 class ApplicationContext
          Encapsulates a ServletContext as a context for Mentawai actions.
 class CookieContext
          A cookie management abstraction into a Mentawai context.
 class MapContext
          A simple Context that can be used for testing.
 class SessionContext
          Encapsulates a HttpSession as a context for Mentawai actions.

Fields in org.mentawai.core declared as Context
protected  Context BaseAction.application
protected  Context BaseAction.cookies
protected  Context BaseAction.session

Methods in org.mentawai.core that return Context
 Context BaseAction.application()
 Context BaseAction.cookies()
 Context Action.getApplication()
          Gets this action application context.
static Context ApplicationManager.getApplication()
 Context BaseAction.getApplication()
 Context PojoAction.getApplication()
 Context SingleInstanceBaseAction.getApplication()
 Context Action.getCookies()
          Gets the cookie context for this action.
 Context BaseAction.getCookies()
 Context PojoAction.getCookies()
 Context Action.getSession()
          Gets this action session context.
 Context BaseAction.getSession()
 Context PojoAction.getSession()
 Context SingleInstanceBaseAction.getSession()
 Context BaseAction.session()

Methods in org.mentawai.core with parameters of type Context
 void ApplicationManager.destroy(Context application)
          Called by the controller when the application is exiting.
 void GroovyApplicationManager.destroy(Context application)
 void ApplicationManager.init(Context application)
          Override this method to do any initialization for your web application.
 void BshApplicationManager.init(Context application)
          Here we are just calling setScriptName(DEFAULT_SCRIPT_NAME) and runScript(application).
 void GroovyApplicationManager.init(Context application)
 void MultiApplicationManager.init(Context application)
 void ScriptApplicationManager.runScript(Context application)
          Call this method to execute the configuration script.
 void BshApplicationManager.runScript(java.lang.String scriptFile, Context application)
 void GroovyApplicationManager.runScript(java.lang.String scriptFile, Context application)
abstract  void ScriptApplicationManager.runScript(java.lang.String scriptFile, Context application)
          Subclasses should override this method to implement the details of how to execute the script from Java.
 void Action.setApplication(Context context)
          Sets the application context for this action.
 void BaseAction.setApplication(Context context)
 void PojoAction.setApplication(Context context)
 void SingleInstanceBaseAction.setApplication(Context application)
 void Action.setCookies(Context context)
          Sets the cookie context for this action.
 void BaseAction.setCookies(Context context)
 void PojoAction.setCookies(Context context)
 void Action.setSession(Context context)
          Sets the session context for this action.
 void BaseAction.setSession(Context context)
 void PojoAction.setSession(Context context)
 void SingleInstanceBaseAction.setSession(Context session)

Uses of Context in org.mentawai.jruby

Methods in org.mentawai.jruby that return Context
 Context RubyAction.getApplication()
 Context RubyAction.getCookies()
 Context RubyAction.getSession()

Methods in org.mentawai.jruby with parameters of type Context
 void RubyAction.setApplication(Context context)
 void RubyAction.setCookies(Context context)
 void RubyAction.setSession(Context context)

Uses of Context in org.mentawai.util

Methods in org.mentawai.util that return Context
 Context MockAction.getApplication()
 Context MockAction.getCookies()
 Context MockAction.getSession()

Methods in org.mentawai.util with parameters of type Context
 void MockAction.setApplication(Context application)
 void MockAction.setCookies(Context context)
 void MockAction.setSession(Context session)

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